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9GC Myers- Coming to an Understanding

A couple of years ago, back in April of 2010, I wrote here about one of my paintings being selected by the then Ambassador to Nepal,  Scott DeLisi,  for display in his offices at the American Embassy in Kathmandu.  And earlier this year, I wrote again about that painting being part of a intercultural exhibition and gala featuring the art of a number of Nepalese artists and the eight American artists whose work hung at the embassy.  Being chosen by Ambassador DeLisi was a great honor for me, particularly since  there aren’t a lot of chances for an artist to represent their country in any meaningful way.  I almost felt like an Olympian, even if only in a very small way.

Ambassador DeLisi   however had his assignment altered and left that position earlier this year, which meant that the painting in Kathmandu was returned to the gallery.  My Olympic dream seemed to be at an end.

However, Mr. DeLisi was nominated by President Obama to be Ambassador to the African nation of Uganda and was confirmed by the Congress in May.  Yesterday, I was notified by the Principle Gallery that the Ambassador had requested three of my paintings for display at the Embassy in Kampala.

I feel Olympian once again!  I was especially thrilled that it was going to Uganda after having watched the young Ugandan boys who came to Williamsport, PA  in the past few weeks as the first African team to play in the Little League World Series.  It was a great story as the other teams and the crowds there seemed to truly embrace these kids.  Remarkably, they won a game even though most of the kids had only been playing  baseball  (or even known about baseball, for that matter) for about six months.

But I was mostly thrilled at the prospect of my work once again being representative of our country and honored that  Ambassador DeLisi had once again found something in it that enabled his decision.  I hope these paintings serves him well in Uganda.

The pieces chosen are shown above and below.

GC Myers- Pot Luck

GC Myers- Sovereign Solitude

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When you’re an artist, sometimes your work goes to distant places and is involved in interesting things of which  you may never know.  One such example is an event that took place at the US Embassy in Kathmandu in Nepal near the end of this past January.  It was an art gala, shown here in a photo, that was hosted by US Ambassador Scott DeLisi, which featured the works of Nepalese artists and the works of eight American artists that hang in the Embassy.  The idea was to promote the linking of cultures via the communicative powers of art.

As I had written  here in a post from last April, I had a piece, The Dark Blue Above,  that was chosen by Ambassador DeLisi to hang in the embassy as part of the US State Department’s Art in Embassies Program. It was one of the eight American pieces that were part of the evening.  I found out about this in an online article from The Kathmandu Post which covered the event. 

 I have to admit that I was a bit envious of  my painting that evening.  But, on the other hand,  I am so gratified that some piece of my work was involved in an event that was designed to bring people together and highlight our commonalities.  Too often we focus on our differences instead of realizing how alike and connected we truly are in our humanity.  One of my greatest hopes for my work is that it speaks across cultures, beyond language, race or nationality.  It’s difficult to  really know, as an artist, if this cross-cultural translation is accomplished in your own work but simply knowing that it is part of such an effort makes me feel hopeful that I am on the right track.

The Dark Blue Above- GC Myers

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GC Myers- The Dark Blue Above

Well, I’m not going to Kathmandu.

This painting  is, however.

Titled The Dark Blue Above, it was chosen by the  newly appointed US Ambassador to Nepal, Scott DeLisi, to adorn the his offices at the US Embassy in Kathmandu.  The Principle Gallery in Alexandria was approached by Ambassador DeLisi’s office concerning this piece and, as a result, it will hang in Nepal for the next three years as part of the US State Department’s Art in Embassies Program, which arranges American art for its diplomatic locations worldwide.

I feel honored to have a piece of mine chosen to be a representative piece of American art in another country and I’m particularly pleased that this painting was the choice to go to Nepal.  If you had asked me to choose a painting of mine to send there, this would have jumped to mind.  I can’t say this with any knowledge but I get the sense this piece will translate very well there.  Perhaps it’s the rich, bright blue in that sky or the the feeling of atmosphere.

I don’t know.  Just a feeling.

I wonder if I can visit it?

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