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Reach Out

                  “The 500 richest people in the world, according to a U.N. calculation a few years ago, earned more than the 416 million poorest people. It’s worth bearing in mind that the first group bears a measure of responsibility for the global economic mess but will get by just fine, while the latter group has no responsibility and will suffer the worst consequences.”

 -Nicholas Kristof,  NY Times,  April 2, 2009

You know, you get so tied up with the details and worries of your own life that when you read something like the article from which the clip above was taken, you realize how much our life is spent in pettiness and folly.  My problems seem infinitely smaller by comparison with the plight of much of the world and I look at the comforts I am afforded with a greater appreciation.
 I know we all must do more and perhaps it is the shame brought by reading such things and seeing the effects of this poverty all over the world that will bring about the needed changes.  At least, I hope.  The recent past has shown shame to be not so effective in changing bad behavior so I am bit pessimistic.
But give this article by Nicholas Kristof a read and think a bit about how you can help bring about change.  Then let someone else know.  Let me know.  Like the painting above, just reach out…

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