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ShadowmaskIt’s been about six months since I started writing this blog and in that time I’ve become a lot more familiar with this odd shadow world of blogs.  

I’m not so sure it’s a world with which I would want to spend too much time.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve enjoyed writing about my little world, getting to hear from a lot of diverse people and I often enjoy reading the blogs of others.  There are many people who produce wonderful blogs, full of humor and insight.  But on the flipside, all too often, it’s a non-stop freakshow of anger and hatred.  Idiocy and lunacy.  An endless display of  moronic babble, people who nitpick and dissect every miniscule detail of whatever happens to piss them off that day.  These are people whose idea of reasonable debate is to yell louder and longer than the next guy, throwing all logic aside and spewing venom from the behind the veil of their cyber-anonymity.

As you can see, their rants incite rage.

Hey, I understand anger.  I understand rage.  But my anger and rage can be quelled with reason and rational thought.  Many of these idjits remind me of those poor dogs who are chained to doghouses all alone.  They have no contact and become increasingly mad, barking and snarling at everyone and everything.  

I don’t know, maybe these people are like those pitiful dogs.  Maybe they need some compassion.  Perhaps they need some kindness.  Maybe they need to shed a tear or two…

Well, here’s a song from Johnny Cash singing his version of the Loudon Wainwright song, The Man Who Couldn’t Cry.  Maybe these folks should put down their poison pens and give a listen.  Couldn’t hurt…

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