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Soul of IndependenceIt’s Easter Sunday.  

While I wasn’t brought up with any religion in my life and don’t consider myself religious in any traditional, organized sense of the word, I am still respectful of the day and the gravity associated with it.

So on this holy day, I wanted to say something fitting in today’s post but it’s one of those situations where the will doesn’t match the task.  Maybe I’m tired.  Maybe I just don’t have a damn thing to say.

I don’t know.

Just don’t ask me questions…

I guess all I have to share today is the painting above, a personal favorite called Soul of Independence and a song that somewhat goes with it.  It’s Dont’ Ask Me Questions from Graham Parker about 30 years back.  It’s a song that has stuck in my head for all these years and whose chorus always has me thinking.  This is not a great video but please give a listen…

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