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Name This Painting!Four More Days!

The Name This Painting! contest ends on at the end of the day on this Thursday, April 30 so there’s plenty of time to submit your idea for a title for the painting shown here, one painted for my upcoming 10th annual show at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  If your title is chosen you’ll receive a prize (I’m not saying what it is except to say you won’t be disappointed) and even if you’re not the prizewinner your title will be listed on the back of the painting, to be seen by,  hopefully, generations to come.

You can submit by commenting on this post or via e-mail at info@gcmyers.com

I’ve been really pleased by the titles that have come so far.  It’s apparent that some thought has went into these, making this a very tough decision.  

The titles submitted thus far:

Multiple Layers

Brilliant Determination

History Lesson



Smooth Foundations

Simple Foundations

Rooted in Terra Firma

Layer Cake

Time Rising

Standing on History

This Is the Day…

Layers: Memento Mori

So, take a moment to look at the painting and give it a shot.  I can use the help and maybe you’ll walk away with a prize. What have you got to lose?

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