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GC MyersI’m looking for a little help.

This is a small painting that I’ve completed for my upcoming June show,  at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria,VA.  It is my tenth solo show there and I wanted to do a few different things for this show.  This is one.

I’m looking for suggestions on names for this piece from anyone out there.  You can simply submit a title as a comment or if you’re a little shy about such things, e-mail it to info@gcmyers.com .

All submissions will be listed on the back of this piece so that all titles will, in a way, live on, so long as the painting exists.  I will select a title from those sent in to be the official title of this painting.  I will send the person who sends in the title I select a small gift.  I won’t disclose what that may or may not be .  Let me just say that it will be appropriate for the winning effort.

Let’s see, we’ll end this thing on April 30.

So, be creative and give it a shot.  At the very worst, your title will live on on the back of a piece of art.  Or maybe you’ll come away with a prize.  So, please send me a title or this will look pretty embarrassing.

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