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Itchycoo Park

HarlequinIt’s a busy Saturday morning as I try to finish up a group of work and hit the road this coming Monday.  There’s always a bunch of little things, details, that have to be tied up that seem to take longer than I would imagine.

I’m dropping off new work in Alexandria and Asheville this trip, something I do a couple of times a year.  It’s basically a driving marathon with a few stops in between but it gives me a chance to have a face to face with the galleries and tell a bit about  the new work.  It also gives me a chance to just drive and think which is always different for me than thinking in the studio or at home.  It’s a different rhythm with different stimuli.  Sometimes it’s good.  Sometimes it’s just driving.

Anyway, on this cold morning, here’s some old Small Faces, before the addition of Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart and the evolution to simply Faces.  I use this song, Itchycoo Park, because it always feels like I’m back as a kid in a car, riding along  in my parent’s Chevy in the 60’s when I hear this, listening to it through that single speaker in the dash. It wasn’t state of the art sound, but that was how we heard a lot of great music…

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