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I’ve written about how much I like reading old newspapers, if only to get a kick from the claims of the advertisements of the time.  One of my favorites that ran in our local papers was from Duffys Malt Whiskey, which was promoted as a tonic of sorts which built strength and fought disease.  Bronchitis, pneumonia , malaria and the maladies of old age were helpless before the smooth taste of Duffys. The wrestler in this ad claims to have risen from his sick bed with just the aid of Duffys.

And a massage.

There were also ads with doctors endorsing Pabst Blue Ribbon as a strength builder and protection against wasting diseases.

Ah, it was a grand time to be sick!

Now, I know guys who believe that they are bigger and stronger as a result of drinking whiskey, usually after 10 or 12 shots, but I have to laugh at the idea of it as medication.  Makes me wonder what future generations will look at when they examine our current world and say, What the hell were they thinking? Kind of like the scene from Woody Allen’s comic classic Sleeper when the scientists of the future who marvel that we, here in the present, thought of hot fudge as being unhealthy.

We always think we’re the end point of progress and for a brief moment that is true.  But in the big picture we’re just points along the continuum and things will continue to change.  What is thought of as solid thinking today may be challenged tomorrow .  On and on into infinity…

Just thinking of this makes me tired.  I could use a shot of Duffys right about now…

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