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CloseupI’ve been enjoying catching some shots of the wildlife around here with a scout camera I recently acquired. In an earlier post, I showed a few shots of a large bobcat that has been haunting the property as of late.  Earlier this week, I was sitting at my computer and on two consecutive days watched him cross a small earthen bridge into the corner of my studio’s yard and walk around the edge until he popped into the woods and continued past the back of my studio, about 50 feet away.  It was about the same time each day and he seemed to be without a care , walking slowly and sniffing around.  An impressive sight.

Bobcat CloseupOf course, from these two sightings I was only able to catch one shot of him on the scout camera and it was only of its ears, which are quite striking,  I was hoping for a shot where I could see his face but being wild animals, these guys are not always open to direction.

Unlike the deer at the top.  I have a number of shots of the deer that live here poking their nose at the lens.  The deer are always milling about the yard and when they see something new, such as a metal cased camera strapped to a tree, it piques their curiosity.  The herd here is, of course, comprised of all does except for a fawn who is showing signs of emerging antler nubs.

I have caught a couple shots of a young buck with a small rack, maybe 6 points, who may very well be one of the fawns I’ve seen in past years.  The bucks always seem to be solitary at this time of the year and much less visible, many becoming nocturnal as the hunting season comes around.  There are fewer and fewer hunters in these parts, so our herd stays pretty constant and has learned to stay near our place particularly during hunting season.

Night FoxI’ve also caught a number of shots of a fox at night.  He’s a gray fox, I believe, a bit taller than the red.  The gray is more cat-like than the red and had the ability to climb trees.  They’re a great looking animal.  I used to have one that would often pass my window at my old studio, always around the same time.  He would move by at a workmanlike pace, always purposefully moving along the same path.

It’s interesting to see these creatures at close range and see how they live their lives just outside our sight.  For the most part…

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