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In Our Nature

Another Sunday morning.  Hunting season here, so I listen for the inevitable gunshots that ring through the forests around my place.  Not too many.  Certainly not like it was a number of years back when it sounded like a shooting gallery on the first days of the season.  I’m not a hunter, never really have been , but I have no problem with responsible hunters in the woods.  The hunters who have a level of reverence for their prey and selectively hunt.  It’s the cretins with no respect for the creatures they’re hunting, who are only out there for a thrill kill, that bother me.

There’s an element of selfish cruelty in these guys that pisses me off because it’s the same element of selfishness and cruelty that is present in so many of the horrible deeds that make one want to turn off the evening news in disgust.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s nothing new, just a part of who we are as a species.  How can one expect something to do other than what is in its nature?

That brings me to my song for today from Neko Case, who is a real favorite of mine.  It’s People Got a Lot of Nerve and its message  is pretty close to what I said above.  Why be surprised when any creature, including man, does what is in its nature?

Have a great Sunday…

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