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9909-293 Strata Under BlueI’m still on the road today, hopefully in Asheville, North Carolina at the Haen Gallery.  It’s a beautiful space in downtown, on Biltmore Ave.  It has high ceilings and big open spaces so it really highlights larger work well.

This painting shown, Strata Under Blue, is one of the pieces that I’m delivering to the Haen.  It’s a very vibrant piece that has the boldness and strength to hang in the large space of this gallery and not be overpowered by the space, even though it’s not a huge painting.

One of the things I like about showing in a large space is that it forces you to look at your own work in a different way.  You have to be able to accentuate the points in your work that have the most strength and let them grow even more.  When I first showed at the Haen, smaller works with a lot of subtlety tended to be dwarfed on the big walls, lessening the effect that the work might hold in a smaller, more intimate space.

So I would try to direct larger work there, work that was bolder and more dominant.  It’s been a good transition thus far and I have plans for some even larger work for this gallery.

Home tomorrow…

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