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Mystery Solved

I was up early this morning and as I walked to the studio in the cold darkness, my eyes drifted up to the clear sky above where the stars were sharp and glinting.  I thought about the mystery of the spiral light that flashed across the skies of Norway this past week, causing much alarm and speculation.

Mystery solved.

Turns out it was a Russian intercontinental missile test over the White Sea that was fired from a submarine.  The spiral of the light was caused by a failure of one of the rocket’s stages.

UFO believers were a little disappointed and, once again, suspicious.  There’s a conspiracy lurking in every event for those guys.

The whole thing made me wonder about our fascination with UFOs and alien life forms.  Does the desire to believe in such things as UFOs mimic in some way  religion and our need to believe that there is more than our temporal life on Earth?  Are these people searching the skies responding in the same way as someone searching their religious texts?

Both want answers.  Both want to believe that we are not alone in our existence here, that there is life beyond.  Both are often stubbornly entrenched in their beliefs even when faced with positive evidence that contradicts them.

Are UFO believers simply people who are disenfranchised from conventional religion yet still seek answers to the mysteries of life, turning outward to the cosmos instead of looking inward?

Like most questions that come to me at 5:30 in the morning, I have no answers.  Just wondering.  Unlike the Norwegian lights, this is a mystery that will not be solved anytime soon…

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