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After the Party

Well, I gave my talk at the Christmas party yesterday.  It was a strange setting for me and I was less than thrilled with my own performance but the group there was very receptive and seemed to glean some things from it even though it was very spotty on info.

It was the first time I had spoken to a group who, for the most part,  didn’t know my work, outside of some student classes at local high schools and colleges.  At least with the students they were in art classes and were focused on art so it was easier to engage with them.  Here, I never gained any rhythm in my talk.  I was in between a singer with piano accompanist who belted out several carols and Santa Claus.  Tough spot.  I’m not sure I ever gave them a full account of my work and how it came about but they seemed appreciative of the effort.

Whew!  That’s over so I’m on to other things such as getting ready to turn it on in early January.  Lot of things fermenting and I’m about ready to go.  I’ll be talking about that at some point, of course.

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