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On Christmas Day

There are Christmas Days when you wake up with thoughts of the right now, thoughts about what has to be done, gifts that need to be delivered, etc.  Just thoughts about how you’re going to make it through the day.

Today I was up early,  as I normally am, and headed over to the studio.  I began to think about the roots of the holiday and the story of the nativity and the star that shone over the scene in the story.  The whole thing brought me back to looking into the sky and all the questions raised by looking upon the endless stars and innumerable galaxies, seeing how vast the universe seems and how small we truly are. Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Are we linked in some way with the ancient lights that reach our eyes?

Perhaps the story of Jesus brings  comfort and an answer of sorts to these questions.  It provides a reason for being and the sense of a link to the unknown and unknowable.  It renders the universe to a single point of contact, one that feels knowable and within reach, if one only has faith in the belief.  For believers, the universe is simply proof of the existence of God, all part of a great design.

I can understand the attraction and comfort of this belief.  The need for it.

But whether I am fully invested in this belief or feel that it answers all my questions, I cannot say.  I can say that, even while still questioning the origin of the stars above,  there is much to be gained by living our lives in a way that is filled with love and empathy, acceptance and forgiveness.  All things that Jesus taught.  Whether you believe or not, a life filled with these qualities links us with those around us and the rest of the world and possibly the universe and all the forces supporting it.

And maybe, ultimately, that’s the meaning behind this day.

Merry Christmas. Live well…

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