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Party Lights

I’m getting things around this morning for a gallery-type talk that I’m doing today for a group at a Christmas party at a local country club.  It’s a little different from gallery talks I’ve done in the past where the people in attendance are there specifically to hear me speak and I’m surrounded by examples of my work .  These folks are there to celebrate the holidays so I’m just a bit nervous about how well I will be able to grab their attention.

But I will certainly give it a try.

I will mainly focus on the story of how I came to be a painter rather than how I paint, leaving technique for other venues.  I figure this will be more biographical, trying to emphasize some of the elements that have a bit of inspiration.  I will probably talk  a little about attitude and serendipity, stemming from some great opportunities for my career that arose from my days as a waiter at a Perkins Restaurant.  I don’t really have a speech or anything like that.  I usually just get up and start talking and let it go, hoping that it will grow organically like one of my paintings.  Most of the time this works.

I hope it does today.

I wonder if they’ll have an open bar?

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