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Hard to believe it’s the first day of December already.  We’re in the last month of this first decade and it seems like we’re still adjusting to living in the 2000’s.

Maybe it’s a good thing.  Put this past decade behind us and start fresh.  There were a lot of things in these past ten years that I think most of us would like to put in the rear view.

Luckily for us, time is very accommodating in that respect.

Time just rushes onward, like a river over the rapids.  It sounds cliche but time truly seems to accelerate as I age.  Maybe it’s just a function of becoming more efficient at the art of wasting time as one ages.  I mean, I’ve had a lot of years to practice this skill and I have to admit, I’ve become pretty good at it.  There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to accommodate all the ways I would like to waste my time.  Waste is probably the wrong word.  Waste has the implication of there being little if any value to the activity.

Spend is a better choice.  Value becomes a relative term with this word.  What I might consider useful time spent, others might view it as a complete waste of time.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Anyway, time is flying by as I write this.  I’ve already wasted- er, spent–  enough time with this.

Happy December…

The piece at the top is The Dark Blue Above is hanging at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA.  It’s a 12″ by 24″ canvas and one that I think really has great visual pop.

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