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New Days

This is a new painting, New Days, that is the featured title  piece on the invitation for my upcoming show at the West End Gallery in Corning.  The show starts with an opening  reception on Thursday, July 22 and runs through the end of August.

This painting, a 30″ by 30′ canvas, and it and its title  represent what I think is the basis for this whole show.  I’m choosing an upbeat tone for this show this piece evokes a feeling of  an optimistic look  forward.   There is a strength and vitality in the red tree and the light in the sky, formed by thousands of brushstrokes, brings a sense of brightness coming.  Without going into hyper-symbolism here, it just portends better things for the new days ahead.

I know I’ve mentioned this before.  I tend to view most new days as being filled with new opportunities.  New chances to seek and discover, to find something new even if it is the most insignificant of finds.  A chance to recognize that opportunity that might change one’s life, even in a small way.  Even now, when this optimism might be tempered by the news of the day, every morning is usually filled with a positivism for what the day might bring.

Maybe that Pollyanna-ish.  I don’t care.  We get to choose how we view the world and that is my choice.  Some days, most days, don’t live up to what I desire for them but I know that the next day, the new day, is waiting with the next dawn, filled with possibility. 

I only have to recognize the possibility…

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