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Destination- GC Myers 2010

I am at the point in my year where I am past my two summer shows and several months out from my next, a show I do every other year at the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA.  This is a time when I get to catch up on some small things like maintenance around my home and studio, working on a few commissions that have been patiently waiting and starting to work on new ideas that have cropped up over the past few months. 

 It’s a good time for me, for the most part, with no immediate deadlines hovering  overhead.  A time to breath a bit and reflect on the direction of my work and where I want it to head.   Try to bring into form an ideal location further along the continuum where the work shows more growth and depth.  A place where I am totally satisfied in all ways by the work.


Which is, by the way, the title of the painting at the top.  This piece, a 12″ by 36″ canvas which is part of my New Days show at the West End Gallery, really represents the concept I’m describing.  Looking ahead and finding a place, a situation,  that meets all your needs and desires, whether in one’s life or lifework.  That sense of the realized ideal really jumped from this piece for me.  There is a great and obvious clarity in this painting, a sense of a gained sense of understanding.  Like looking ahead to a distant future and seeing yourself as being both the same as now but somehow different.  Changed somehow by a new knowledge that you have somehow gathered in the interim between now and then.

I am what I am but I am not what I will be.

It’s a funny feeling when I come across a piece where a thought like that jumps at me, fully formed and encapsulated.  It becomes all I see in the piece.  I can recognize other aspects of it that others see in it.  But for me, that one thought overshadows them.  It makes it a very powerful personal piece for me.

Now, I must get back to finding a way there….

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