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This is Night of the Blue Wish.  It’s a small painting, only a 4″ by 14″ image on paper, but it has a much bigger feeling.  It’s part of my show, New Days, that opens a week from today, Thursday, Jully 22 at the West End Gallery in Corning.

It’s a very blue piece.  Blue, as I’ve talked about before here, is like an addictive drug for me.  I love using it in the way it is used here, to create a dense color of night, but working with it has a very intoxicating effect.  It makes me want to use this color, this blue, all the time, makes me want to make it the center of my color universe. But I know I must resist and only use it sparingly lest it overwhelm my whole way of expressing myself. So, periodically I cautiously let it emerge and show itself, to satisfy my addiction. 

This piece has a feeling of magical thinking for me, like a fairy tale.  As though the tree, under the cover of this special night of color, comes alive, as we humans slumber in our little boxes, to engage in a dialogue of sorts with the moon.  As though it were beseeching the moon to stay a little longer, to keep it company and enjoy a bit more conversation.  As though the moon’s light gave the tree an ability to speak, to express itself in a way outside its normally slow and stoic way.

Well, that’s how I see it…

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