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Very early morning. 

 Gray light just breaking through the trees, birds tweeting and twirping awake in the branches and a haze in the air as the slightly dewy ground gives up the precious moisture to the warm air.

I’m tired, having woke much too early but I’m in the studio now and I’m readying to go to work finishing up a handful of work for my show.  I’m at the end of a creative cycle and I’m usually a bit fatigued and, as a result, more susceptible to worries and concerns about what direction I will next take my work.  The work I’m finishing now is basically done, all creative decisions completed,  so the die is basically cast for this work.  My mind has moved to what comes next and how I will get there. 

I feel now the need to push myself in some way, break from the safety zone of what I know so far as technique and style are concerned and trust my instincts in maneuvering in a new territory.  Maybe it’s a new material or a material used in a different way.  Maybe it’s a new look on the surface– I have a deep seated  desire to let strokes break free from restraint and show their ragged edges and energy.  Slashes. 

Maybe it’s a new subject, a new icon on which to focus my attention, or simply dropping representation and letting the abstract elements take over.

I don’t know.  At the end of one of these cycles, it’s not a matter of how it changes. It only matters that it changes.

I feel fortunate to have my work to express the end and beginning of these cycles of energy that culminate with the need to change, to emerge somehow differently.  Dealing with them in real life, without the use of painted icons to serve as the avatar for the expression my own life’s twists and turns, has not always been smooth sailing.  But transferring the need to transform, in some way, from one’s actual life to a substituted surface of paint has been a blessing for me, if not always an easy one.

With paint, I usually find my way through the shadows and tangle of thought and emerge in light. 

Changed. New.


The painting at the top is titled Emerge the Light  and is part of my upcoming show, New Days, at the West End Gallery in Corning.  It is a work on paper, a 4″ by 30″ image that is matted and framed out to 10″ by 36″.

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