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Well, my show for the West End is complete and delivered, leaving me a little fatigued and listless at the moment.  It takes a few days to get my feet back under me usually and regain some semblance of focus.  So, today I find myself sitting here, looking at the computer screen with nothing to say that amounts to much.

What I try to do at points like this, those transitions between exhibitions, is to try to pinpoint the things in the work that are exciting me at the moment and begin to plan on how I can further explore these things.  For instance, if I had worked on a smaller piece that involved a new element or a different look of some sort, do I want to expand this element or look into a larger format or push it further in some way? 

But for all the planning and thinking, it usually comes down to serendipity or jsut doing something without thinking for the next big thing to break through.  The palnning and thinking just give those moments a launching pad.

hey, how about a tune?  This song was featured by Little Feat on their 1978 live album, Waiting For Columbus.  A tremendous live set.  To me, one of the best live albums ever.  At that point, they were still being fronted by the great Lowell George before his death the next year, I believe.  OD’d, unfortunately and of course.  

This version of Willin’ is not from the album and isn’t quite as good but it still captures the song well.  It’s from the German rock show of the time, Rockpalast.  Enjoy…

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