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Well, it’s the day before my opening tomorrow night at the Kada Gallery in Erie.  This time before the show is one that I’ve written about a number of times in this blog.  All the work is done, everything delivered and hung in the gallery and I’m left to sit and wait until I go and stand before my work.

As always, it’s a time for anxiety even though it’s much less than in earlier shows.  This something like my 29th solo exhibit and I suppose that  this experience teaches that things seldom reach the lower depths of our fears or the highest peaks of our hopes.  That’s sort of the mindset that I take in modulating my expectations for a show.

I really like this group of work.  I guess that is not a startling statement.  What kind of a moron would come out and publicly trash their own work the day before a show?  But I really do like this collection and for some time  have been eagerly waiting to see this group hanging together.  I’ve had them assembled together in the studio but it’s different than seeing them on the wall with space between to reset the eye as you look.  On the wall, they have a chnace to fully express themselves.

So today I will putter around the studio and get ready to get back to work in earnest after this opening.  I have commissions to finish in the next week that I want to get out of the way so that I can jump into some new things with both feet.  I will try to think about those things today so that I don’t dwell on my anxieties or hopes for this show.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


The painting a the top is from this show, a small (4″ by 6.5″) piece on paper that is titled All Is Said… 

I’ll say no more.

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