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Council of Silence

I am feeling a bit melancholy today and there are many things swirling in my head that I could talk about but the title of this piece fits the bill for me today.  Council of Silence.  There are places  I don’t want to venture today, especially in a public forum such as this, so I will keep this short.

I’m thinking today, as I have for the past few days, of a friend who passed away unexpectedly this past week, a person too young and talented to go so soon.  I would be stretching the truth to say we were close friends but I can honestly say that I had a genuine fondness and regard for this person.  Our conversations, though less frequent than I think both of us would have hoped, were always easy and in rhythm, as though part of one long conversation that stretched over the years.  A conversation that has ended this week, leaving me and many other friends alone, like the black birds in the tree above, to contemplate a number of  things, such as a  life ended much too soon and what lays beyond that far horizon for all of us. 

I wish you a peaceful journey to that horizon , my friend.  You will be remembered well.

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