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Other Worlds

I’ve struggled here for an hour, looking at this blank page and wanting to say something of value.  There are many things , many issues, I wanted to address today but it seems best to continue yesterday’s theme.  Council of silence.  Just sit and wonder, contemplate the imponderables.  There are things, events,  we will never be able to fully understand yet we struggle to put them into a form that we can at least tolerate, a form that gives us some rationale for their occurrence.  We need to do that in order to make our our own world somehow make sense in going ahead.

But it’s a difficult thing.  There are things that will never make sense, that will never fit neatly into the rationale we form in our own mind because we all live in our own internal worlds and no one outside that world can ever know exactly what goes on there.  No one can truly know the depth of another’s pain or despair in their own world.

Yet we try to understand. 

So,  I sit here this morning in my council of silence and try to comprehend other worlds I will never know.

Here’s a song from Steve Earle.  I think I’ve played it here before but it seems a good fit today.

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