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Well, tonight is the opening at the Kada Gallery, beginning at 6 PM.  I head out later this morning, getting into Erie a few hours before the show.  I usually stop in at the gallery and preview the show, getting a sense of how the work is laid out.  It makes maneuvering the space easier when I’m asked about specific pieces later.  Then I normally go to my hotel for a while to relax a bit until showtime.


So my post today is short as I get ready to hit the road.  I thought I ‘d leave you with a bit of upbeat music from the Sparkletones, a late 50’s rock n’ roll band who achieved mild fame with band members who were all under 18 years old.  Their success was shortlived and had faded before I knew of them but they had a small rebirth in the early 1980’s with the release of a compilation that brought them to my attention with their trademark song, Black Slacks.

Light fare, yes.  But loads of energy and lots of fun.  I hope this keeps me humming until Lake Erie appears, looming high on the horizon.


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