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This is a painting, an 18″ square canvas,  I just completed yesterday that I’m calling  Answer Given.  I did it at the request of a collector who wanted a companion piece for an existing painting of mine.  It’s always tricky taking on this kind of request because I can never be quite sure how the person sees this painting matching up with the one they already possess.  I was given some parameters but you just never know for sure if they want something different than what you see as a companion.  The existing piece was composed very much like this painting, with a blowing tree and a watery horizon, except with a foreboding deep purple sky with tinges of red through it. 

I chose to make the color field of this piece different, going with very warm reds and yellows that give the sky a real presence.  This piece is very much about the sky and the interaction between it and the tree, as though there was a running dialogue between them.  This interplay is where I found the title, Answer Given.   Though the paintings are similar in composition there are differences in feel with this piece feeling more at ease with its world and its place in it, giving it more a sense of optimism than the piece with the ominous purple sky. 

I think the two pieces will sit well with one another, as though they are two sides of a coin- part of the same but with a different face.

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