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GC Myers Bright OutlookThe dates for my two annual shows have been set.    Friday,   June  7th, is the day that my  solo  show at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA opens and at the end of the next month, on Friday, July 26th,  my show at  the West End Gallery begins.  Show titles and other details will be forthcoming.

I have had long runs at both of these wonderful galleries, this being my fourteenth show at the Principle Gallery and my twelfth at the West End.  This is sort of unusual in that it’s often difficult to have such long runs of exhibits at a single gallery without exhausting  the market for your work.  The fact that I have been able to have these long runs is something that I take great pride in because it’s a testimony to the continuing growth and evolution of the work through the years which has continually attracted  newer collectors at these established galleries.  I use this as a spur to keep pushing forward and during periods where I am experiencing the doldrums I only have to remind myself of those people who come to these shows to get my engines revving again.

We shall see what this new year brings for these shows.  The piece at the top is a smaller new painting, 6″ by 8″ on paper, called Bright Outlook.  I hope this painting’s title applies for the coming year for us all.

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