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Skyline Blues


GC Myers-  There Is Still a Sun...I’m a little behind this morning and my computer is acting sort of wonky so I am going to keep it short. Maybe just play a piece of music to accompany an older piece or two from a group that I painted about 15 years ago.

They were small cityscapes, mainly simple skylines that were actually more about color and shapes. I always enjoy going back to these and wonder why I don’t revisit this.

Maybe I will sometime soon. You never can tell.

To go along with these pieces here’s a bit of  piano from contemporary boogie woogie pianist Henri Herbert. It’s New York Skyline Blues and features a great view of NYC from where he’s playing. Even with the spectacular views, I still find myself watching those hands.

A little boogie woogie– it’s always a good way to kick off the day, right? Get’s the blood moving.

I feel mine moving right now…

996-430 Moving On Up

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