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Memoir” – At the Principle Gallery

Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

–Saul Bellow

On the road today, delivering a group of mainly small pieces to the Principle Gallery for their annual Small Works show. It opens Friday, December 4.

Feels a bit weird to be on the road again. This was a trip I made several times a year for many years so the route and trip routine is almost ingrained. But with the pandemic  and the cancellations of the last two Gallery Talks and limited show openings, these trips have been much less frequent.

But it feels good to hit the road once again and be able to see some of my favorite folks at the Principle Gallery. Maybe catch up a bit. That would be a return of some small degree of normalcy.

And that would be good.

One little piece going down is Memoir, shown above. Since I am short on time today– actually, this is from last night– I thought that a pairing of this little piece with some sage words from Saul Bellow and a song from Nick Lowe would be appropriate. Here’s When I Write the Book. from many moons ago.

It plays pretty early on in my memoir.

See you somewhere down the road…

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