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New Age Blues

Cam Cole Album cover- I See

Cam ColeI See Album cover art

I came across a video of a song, New Age Blues, from a busker named Cam Cole who earns his living playing his music on the streets of London. I had never heard of him and decided to give it a look and a listen. The video was a running record of a typical day of busking, from morning until evening. 

I found it pretty engaging. I admire the bravery of street performers for the fact that they put themselves so directly out in the face of the public. But there is also something so brave in daring to attempt to make your living on what amounts to a mixture of your wits and whatever talent you might possess.

As an artist, I can identify with that. I often find myself stopping and smiling at the sheer absurdity that I have made a living over the past 25 years by my willingness to share my inner world. I often don’t understand it at all but by now it’s all I know. 

So I watch this young guy baring himself on the streets, playing his heart out, and I feel like I sort of understand the freedom he must be feeling in knowing he can survive on doing just that. And in doing so, maybe the onlookers feel a bit of that as well. I know that’s what I hope for my work on some level.

Take a look at the video, if you have a few moments. It’s interesting and really well done as are several of his other videos including one, I Don’t Need to Live Your Way, which sort of lines up with this blogpost. As I said, I had never heard of Cam Cole before this morning but for those of you who have watched the highly acclaimed Apple TV series Ted Lasso, which I haven’t yet watched, you might recognize him from an appearance on that show. 

Take a look. It’s New Age Blues and a day in the life of  a busker.

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