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Thornton Wilder Gratitude Quote

There are a lot of things I wanted to comment on this morning but I didn’t want to make myself — or you–crazy. I thought I would try to sooth some nerves. Since we are beginning the rundown to Thanksgiving I would run a post from that day back in 2015. It seems like hundred years ago now. So much has happened in this world in that time, much of it troubling. But a constant remains– the power of gratitude. That’s the theme of this post. Plus it has a great song that has powers to sooth the troubled soul.

So, even thought it’s not Thanksgiving, give a look and listen. And be thankful for what you’ve got.

Another Thanksgiving and ┬áit might seem that it would be hard to find much to be thankful for in this turbulent world with its endless cornucopia of anger, hatred, intolerance, injustice and inequality set out for our consumption each day. With a diet of so many negatives it would be easy to forget that one simple thing that truly feeds and sustains us– gratitude.

Recognizing and acknowledging those things that make us happy is such a simple thing yet we somehow lose sight of it. I know my life feels so much more complete when I see how I am made happy by the light that the full moon casts on our evening walk. Or in the way my studio cat, Hobie, runs to me with an audible purr when I enter in the morning. Or in watching the deer play and stroll through the studio’s yard, one or two sometimes stopping to stare in at me through the window. Or in the songs of the birds in the woods.

Or in something so simple as a stranger returning a smile and a hello as they pass by.

Just little things that we sometimes overlook in the crush of the world. But things that are important in our real connection to the world. So today set aside your fears and anger and whatever else eats at you on a regular basis and try to think of those people who make you happy, those moments that might bring a smile or a tear and anything that gives your life fullness. It’s not always easy but life ain’t too bad.

Here’s one of my favorite songs. I know it makes me happy even when I am strolling along and can’t get its chorus out of my head. It’s Be Thankful for What You Got from William DeVaughn from back in 1974. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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