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And the Season Ends

GC Myers- And the Season Ends

GC Myers- And the Season Ends

my beerdrunk soul is sadder than all the dead christmas trees of the world.

 Charles Bukowski

Yesterday, I wrote about one of my new paintings headed to the Principle Gallery as part of a group to be included in their annual Small Paintings show in December. That piece, Wait ‘Til Next Year, was about the hope and expectations that grow while waiting for the next season to begin. It was a pretty optimistic painting in color and tone, in my opinion.

Today, I am showing another baseball painting from that same group going to the Principle Gallery. This one is not quite as optimistic, however. I call it And the Season Ends. It has a much darker tone, with grittier colors and showing no sky at all. Certainly no blue sky.

It has that feeling I get when I realize that my rooting interests for the year have vanished as my team is eliminated. The loss is till processing and there is a dark void which hope hasn’t yet had a chance to fill.

There is a bit of sadness in it, like watching the leaves of autumn fade and fall from the trees. Or the needles from the dried out Christmas tree.

But my soul is not beerdrunk yet this morning.

So, there’s room to hope soon…

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