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Redemption Song

GC Myers-- Call of Freedom

Call of Freedom– 2003

Far better was our homely diet, eaten in peace and liberty, than the luxurious dainties, the love of which hath delivered us as bondsmen to the foreign conqueror!

― Walter Scott, Ivanhoe

The history of man is highlighted by many great achievements of thought and science. Monuments to our progress in attempting to know ourselves and the world we inhabit.

But for all these achievements, they are dwarfed in comparison with the many wars and acts of conquest and subjugation that have taken place throughout our history as a species. Even knowing that, we continue to fall prey to calls to our baser instincts from those who seek more and more– money, power, land, etc.–and repeat the cycle again and again.

And it’s maddening because all most of us want is to be able to sit in a safe and humble home. To eat a meal, to enjoy our families, friends and pets.

To sing and dance. To read a book or watch a film. To take a long walk.

Or to be free to simply stand out in the open and be, without fearing that it might be all taken away in a flash.

It doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Just saying…

Anyway, here’s a song this morning from the late, great Bob Marley. It’s his classic Redemption Song in a video that was released by his estate last year on what was the 40th anniversary of the song’s release and what would have been his 75th birthday.

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