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Ukraine Pianist Zimmer Time

I came across a short video yesterday of a young pianist, Alex, playing on the streets of Kviv last week just as air raid sirens began blaring, warning of potential incoming bombs. It was one of those rare moments of convergence with the sound of the sirens serving as a sort of choral accompaniment to the ever building tone and rhythm of the music.

With the music, the sirens, and the look of angry defiance on the player’s face, It felt like a perfect artistic interpretation of the tragedy of this war.

The piece being played, Time,  was from composer Hans Zimmer from his soundtrack for the highly regarded 2010 movie, Inception. I have never seen the Oscar winning film ( four of the awards, actually) which is a science fiction story that deals with the theft and manipulation of dreams so I am not aware of the original piece. The video from the film that goes with this piece of music is haunting and disturbing in the light of the devastation we are witnessing in the civilian spaces of the cities and villages of Ukraine.

As is this performance.

For this Sunday morning music, I am sharing a French site’s video of the original TikTok video of the street piano player that ends with Hans Zimmer, who is on tour in Europe right now with Ukrainian musicians in support of the people of Ukraine, watching the video onstage in front of a London audience before playing his own version of the song. I am also putting up a lovely simple piano cover of the song that shows only the hands of the player, which I find mesmerizing, though not nearly so powerful as the street musician’s version.

There is also a link to the video from the film. It is age-restricted because of the imagery from the film so it cannot be readily shared. But it is worth taking a look.

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