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Kent/ The Ultimate

Rockwell Kent Man With Plow Woodcut

Rockwell KentMan With Plow woodcut

Often I think that however much I draw or paint, or however well, I am not an artist as art is generally understood. The abstract is meaningless to me save as a fragment of the whole, which is life itself… It is the ultimate which concerns me, and all physical, all material things are but an expression of it… We are part and parcel of the big plan of things. We are simply instruments recording in different measure our particular portion of the infinite. And what we absorb of it makes for character, and what we give forth, for expression.

-Rockwell Kent

I have always felt a kinship There are writers, musicians, and artists with which we often feel a kinship. The music, literature, and art they produce feels like it speaks directly to us, that it emanates from a creative wellspring that we share.

For me, one of those artists is Rockwell Kent, whose work I have shared here several times over the years. There is just something in his imagery and in his writings that feels close to my own feelings and perspectives.

For example, his words above could very well describe my own view on our existence and our need for creative expression. Like Kent, I see us as part of some larger plan, the infinite, and that our purpose here is to record and express those things– the emotions and sensory sensations– that make up our particular corner of the mesh of being. This expression of our experience here is meant to makes others aware of our omnipresent connection to the infinite.

Sometimes, it is good to come across Kent’s words and work just as a reminder that there is a purpose to this all. It might be more obvious for some but we all have our purpose here.

And that is good to know, especially on those dark or difficult days when pushing paint onto a canvas seems pointless while the world, our little piece of the infinite, feels as though it is coming apart at the seams.

Rockwell Kent sturrall-donegal-ireland

Rockwell KentSturrall Donegal Island

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