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I Feel Alright

Steve Earle I Feel Alright Album Cover Tony Fitzpatrick artist

I Feel Alright Album Cover- Tony Fitzpatrick artist

I got everything you won’t need
Your darkest fear
Your fondest dream
I ask you questions
Tell you lies
Criticize and sympathize
Yeah, be careful what you wish for friend
Because I’ve been to hell
And now I’m back again

-Steve Earle, I Feel Alright


Don’t feel like droning on this morning, don’t feel like venting into the ether. One of those mornings that is a mix of frustration and weariness with little chinks of despair and anger thrown in just to make things interesting. I look for a song to act as a salve of sorts, something that will give me a little calmness and I come across a favorite from Steve Earle from back in 1996, I Feel Alright.

It’s one of those rare songs that both calms me down while pumping me up. I guess that’s a way of saying it centers me. All I know is that by the time the rhythm section kicks in, about 10 seconds in, I am already feeling alright.

Okay, got to get to work now. You can stay and listen if you want but don’t slam the door on your way out…

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