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Willie Nelson Energy Follow Thought 1

Imagine what you want
Then get out of the way
Remember energy follows thought
So be careful what you say
Be careful what you ask for
Make sure it’s really what you want
Because your mind is made for thinking
And energy follows thought

Willie Nelson, Energy Follows Thought

Willie Nelson, still going strong at 88 years old, premiered a new song on Friday. A very Willie song in sound and thought with a bit of zen thrown in.

It’s called Energy Follows Thought. It’s something I have known and talked about for many years, this idea that we eventually become a form of what we say and think.

That can be a good or bad thing.

And I think Willie is putting it out there both as advice and as a cautionary notice. Too many of us speak and act (and react) without thinking, never realizing that our words and thoughts push us towards a future version of ourselves.

I think the first verse of the song shown above speaks volumes on this subject so I will step aside and let Willie’s music tell the rest.

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