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GC Myers-Garden of Delight  2022

Garden of Delight– At the Principle Gallery Show

The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.

― Ezra Pound

This year’s Principle Gallery show has opened and hangs until July 3. As it is with every show, there is a sense of finality in delivering the work to the gallery.

An ending, if you will.

Of course, that is just the ending of its creation, the end of my time, thought and effort spent in bringing it to bear. I have put all I can into each piece and my time with them soon comes to a close.

But in that time with them, I have pulled discoveries, lessons, and emotional connections from this work. Their leaving creates new beginnings for me, new avenues to explore.

But it is not an ending at all for the work itself. Their entry into the world through the gallery is a new beginning with whoever becomes their custodian. A new conversation will begin between the work and that person. It is the beginning of what I, as an artist, hope is a long and meaningful relationship between the two. 

You never fully know why a person chooses a piece of your work. It may be a mere decorative choice or to set a tone in a certain space. But your deepest hope is that it has personal meaning and connection with that person, that it transcends just being something neat or pleasant on the wall. You want it to be a portal to thought and feeling.

I know that’s my thought as I begin a new piece, as I am about to do in just a few minutes. I want my ending with the work to become a new beginning for someone else.

You can take a virtual tour of my show by clicking here.

GC Myers The Forever Bond sm

The Forever Bond— At the Principle Gallery

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