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Coming to an End

If I were writing a novel I would end it here: a novel, I used to think, has to end somewhere, but I’m beginning to believe my realism has been at fault all these years, for nothing in life now ever seems to end. Chemists tell you matter is never completely destroyed, and mathematicians tell you that if you halve each pace in crossing a room, you will never reach the opposite wall, so what an optimist I would be if I thought that this story ended here.

Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

Just a reminder this morning that my annual solo exhibit at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA is in its final days. This year’s show, Depths and Light, ends this coming Sunday,  July 3. So, if you want to see the show, time is limited.

But like so many have pointed out before, including Graham Greene above, the end of anything is merely a point in time, that some part of all matter continues on. That’s a fine point and most likely a disputable one, I know. But it applies for art.

Art almost always lives on in some way. For this show, that life is in the works that find their way to new homes, hopefully adding to or reinforcing the lives of their new caretakers

The thought that the individual works move forward after they come off the gallery wall makes the end of shows much more palatable.

Hope you can make it in.


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