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Night Still Comes

GC Myers- Viva Nox (The Vivid Night) sm

Viva Nox (The Vivid Night) – At the Principle Gallery Exhibit

I love to watch the fine mist of the night come on,
The windows and the stars illumined, one by one,
The rivers of dark smoke pour upward lazily,
And the moon rise and turn them silver. I shall see
The springs, the summers, and the autumns slowly pass;
And when old Winter puts his blank face to the glass,
I shall close all my shutters, pull the curtains tight,
And build me stately palaces by candlelight.

― Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal

In Situ Viva NoxSunday morning, with much to do today. I have my annual solo show at the Principle Gallery currently up and on display but there is no time to savor or rest on that. I am waist deep in new work for my upcoming annual show at the West End Gallery which opens on July 22.

Every day is a whirl of work at the moment. Seems like there is always something to do waiting for me in the next moment. I don’t mind. I actually need that feeling of the chore.

But even so, I find myself looking forward to the comfort that comes at the end of the day and the easing of the weight of tasks that comes with the fading of light. The end of my workday has me both wishing I could do a little more while at the same time looking forward to the evening that brings rest and the shelter of dark. Then comes the pleasure of sleep, along with the mostly restorative dreams that accompany it.

A time to build me stately palaces by candlelight.

Then go happily to work on them when daylight comes. That time is now so for this week’s Sunday morning music, I am playing a favorite from Neko Case that continues the theme of night that goes with Baudelaire and the painting at the top, VIva Nox. The song is Night Still Comes.

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