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GC Myers- Navigating Chaos  2022

Navigating Chaos– Now at the Principle Gallery

Where the blue of the sea meets the sky
And the big yellow sun leads me home
I’m everywhere now
The way is a vow
To the wind of each breath by and by
The water sustains me without even trying
The water can’t drown me, I’m done
With my dying

-Johnny Flynn, The Water

Not going to say much today. Just going to show a painting from my current solo show that hangs at the Principle Gallery, thank a few people and share a song that I thought might fit this particular painting.

First, the painting is Navigating Chaos, which is 24″ by 24″ on canvas. Finding balance amidst chaos might be the central theme of this show and this piece might best exemplify that idea. The sky is built from chaotic marks and the small boat heaves among sharp slashing waves. The sailor struggles to keep balance, to cut through it all.

Perhaps a metaphor for these strange times.

This was a piece that I spent a lot of time with, here in the studio. After it was done, I placed it at point where it was in my sightline whenever looked up from my easel. Maybe it was a reminder to maintain my own balance, to focus on things beyond the chaos.

I don’t know for sure. But it served some purpose at the time and does the same even now.

Secondly, let me thank Michele and her great staff– Clint, Taylor and Owen— at the Principle Gallery for their constant support over the past quarter century of our relationship. Their professional attitudes, their attention to detail, and the kindness and warmth of their friendship have meant the world to me, both artistically and personally. I can’t say enough here.

Finally, here’s a song for this Sunday morning that I think matches up well with the painting. It’s titled The Water and it’s from British actor/musician Johnny Flynn. I first became aware of him when he portrayed Albert Einstein in the Genius series, not aware that he was a popular musical performer as well. This is a duet with the wonderful singer/songwriter Laura Marling.


You can take a virtual tour of the exhibit by clicking here.

In Situ navigating chaos

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