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En Rose

GC Myers-  Flower Shadow June 1995 sm

Flower Shadow“, 1995 – at West End Gallery

I don’t have a lot of time this morning. With the broken foot so time becomes even more of a premium these days as I prepare for my upcoming July show at the West End Gallery. Everything takes a little longer and every movement requires thought and planning. And that’s not my strong point.

My friend, Brian, went through a major physical ordeal this past year that I outlined here and is adapting to new limitations after finally coming home from the hospital after 10 months. He calls his daily routine living in slow motion.

Though hardly in the same ballpark, I understand that a little more now.

But even with limited time, I felt like sharing something with a bit of beauty, something with a bit of optimism. To that end, I am sharing a favorite song, La Vie en Rose, the old French classic. The Edith Piaf rendition is the gold standard but this version from the supremely talented Rhiannon Giddens is gorgeous, as well. The song’s title basically translates as seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

We could all use that once in a while.

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