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I call this new painting Telepathy, a 14″ by 18″ piece on paper.  I see it as being about the connection and unspoken communication between the two red trees. 

I suppose telepathy is the right word.  I’m not talking about the ability to send thoughts to or read the  thoughts of another person like a psychic medium.  This is the telepathy in looking across a room and with a glance knowing what the other person feels about what is occurring or has been said.  The ability to read that person’s thoughts through the knowledge of their opinions. 

Actually, the word telepathy was first coined by the German scholar Frederic W.H. Myers in 1882. I doubt that we are related but the name Frederick was common in our family for a number of generations.  But I think that was pretty common for Germanic families with the influence of Frederick the Great who was King of Prussia around the time many of these families migrated to this country.  Myers’ meaning for the word was that there was communication without any use of the normal senses, such as  the sight I used in my use of the word.

So perhaps I misuse the word telepathy.  But that form of communication that consists of a knowing glance or a raised eyebrow transmits so much information that is surely seems telepathic to me.

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