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I have a great diversity of music on my iPod and sometimes I will forget some of it until it just pops up when I’m shuffling through.  One artist that sometimes shows up with a great blast of horns and that funky Cuban beat is Perez Prado, one of the original Mambo Kings from the 1940’s and 50’s. 

 It’s not a name many people, especially those of my age and younger, know or remember and the music seems from a time and place far removed from today.  It has age on it but whenever it comes on, especially when I’m driving, it raises my heartbeat just a bit and I find myself driving just little faster.  Makes me wish I could mambo just a bit and raises memory flashes of being a sixth grader dancing the cha cha in gym class with a shy little girl whose name evades me at the moment, both of us awkward and nervous.  Ah, if it had only been the mambo instead of the cha cha.

Here’s a bit of Prado.  It’s his Mambo #8.  The male dancer here is famed Mexican actor Resortes (Adalberto Martinez) who is primarily known as a comedian and a dancer.  He appears in a lot of Prado’s films of his music.  Little known factoid:  Resortes originated the Moonwalk made famous by Michael Jackson.

Anyway, it’s the last Saturday of summer.  Here’s a little bit of heat  for you.

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