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I’m done with shows for the year and have been starting to do some little and not-so-little chores around the home and studio.  My time painting for a few weeks will be limited but even so, I have imagery and ideas floating around in my head while I’m preoccupied in these other tasks.  I start thinking about how the next big burst of painting will start and where it might lead and how I want to continue some things that have marked this past year’s work and set aside some other things until another time and place.

For instance, the colors in this recent painting, Released, are some that I have used periodically in the past.  Rolling orange dunes and purplish sky.  There’s something in this palette that thinks I should go a bit further with it and I set a marker in my head to do so.  What comes from it, I can’t yet say.  Sometimes these markers, these ideas,  end up only being the beginnings of something that results in something far different than I expected.  More often than not, if I let the idea just go on its own and of its own energy it is better than expected.  It’s when I try to force the situation that it ends up being less than I thought or hoped.

This is always an exciting time for me, when ideas are germinating and there is nothing but potential in the forseeable future.  The ideas are yet untested and there’s a real positivity around them.  These growing ideas really drive me to get back to the studio after doing the other tasks at hand.


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