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Hit the Road, Jack

I’m on the road today, probably already hours into my drive as this article is posted.  I’m heading out for the Haen Gallery in Asheville, NC today to drop off some new work then on to Alexandria, VA to do the same at the Principle Gallery.  I will also be giving a gallery talk at the Principle Gallery on Saturday at 1 PM.  It’s a trip I do a few times a year, a  highway marathon covering about 1400 miles in two days.  It’s a lot of time behind the wheel but it gets me back to my homebase quickly and efficiently.  As I like it.

I’m always glad to give these talks at the galleries that represent me.  It gives me a chance to explain some things in greater detail and to answer the questions of the folks who attend.  It’s also a great source of feedback on the recent work, feedback that goes beyond the validation that comes when a piece is sold.  I can get a better idea of how things in the work that I like resonate with others.  This is important to me because I feel that the strength of my work is the wide embrace of it, the way it communicates to a wide audience.  If people aren’t reacting to it in some way, it’s not communicating in the way I hoped.

So, if you’re in the Alexandria area tomorrow, please stop in at the Principle Gallery and say hello.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Here’s a little traveling music from the great Hank Snow.  Though he may appear to be from a decidedly different time and place and may not be the style of the moment, I have always admired this man from Nova Scotia and his wonderful songs.  Plus this song always seems right when you’re hurtling through the Shenandoah in your car.

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