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The Bond

This a new painting that I recently took to the Principle Gallery.  Called The Bond, it’s a 7″ by 17″ image on paper.  I had a number of people comment on this piece this past Saturday, really drawn to it by the simplicity of its design and the contrast of the reds and oranges.   It does have a bold silhouette on the wall.

 There is also an obvious emotional element that seems to draw people to this painting in the limbs of the two trees come together and seem to grasp one another.   This symbol of connectedness resonates within many people and that, coupled with the warm tones of the sky, make this a really inviting tableau for the viewer to enter.

It’s a satisfying piece for me, both as the painter and a viewer, so I’m always pleased when a painting strikes others in that same way.   Sometimes a painter never really knows what sort of reaction a piece raises in people so it was great to hear that The Bond was reaching out to people so quickly.  All I could hope for a piece of mine.

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