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I was asked recently when the Red Chair that is sometimes used in my paintings first appeared.  I really wasn’t sure how and when it found its way into my vocabulary of images so I decided to look back in my files.  The very first images of the Red Chair that I can find so far appeared in early 2002 in a group of very small pieces.  The three above were all just over an inch, maybe an inch and a half square in size.   Just a few little guys that seemed to strike a chord with me.

I don’t know why they showed up at that time.  We, as a nation , were in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and I know my work was affected by the collective psychology of that time. It was hard to have it not affect something that often reflects one’s feelings.  Perhaps, it was an unconscious symbolization of the chair  to represent what I felt had been lost from that turbulent time.  I can’t honestly say for sure.

The middle piece above was an early hint at the dark blue work that defined that year for my work, which also featured the Red Chair in several pieces.   These pieces were framed and sold separately although I think this group would have made any interesting little trytych.  I really like the way they all relate to one another, how they convey smoothly from one to another the emotion of each. 

It’s a small beginning for something that has gained such importance and meaning  in my personal visual vocabulary.  Maybe I should consider them as acorns that grew…

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