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In my studio I have several pieces that sit in varying states of  incompletion.  Some have sat for quite a long time, waiting for the possibility of a few strokes here or there to bring them to life.  Most have obvious flaws, the result of me taking the painting in a wrong direction in some way.  Some still have possibility and I will at some point revisit them.  Others have no chance to ever see the outside world and will be consigned to the failure heap.  I keep them around because often they possess certain concepts that just weren’t brought to fruition properly at the time but might work with a different approach.  So in that way they are useful.

Then there are pieces like the one above.  It’s from early last year, a piece that’s about 9″ by 16″ on paper.  For all intents and purposes, it is done.  But there’s something about it that nags at me, that tells me that it’s incomplete.  So for the past year I have been looking at this painting on and off, trying to ascertain what doesn’t click for me or if there’s a chance of making it work.  Or if it’s even worth trying to save.

In this case, I tend to think it’s worth saving.  I keep seeing things that I like a lot in it and think that sometime soon I might go back in and try to bring it to some satisfactory completion.  At least I hope I see things that make it worth going back in.  It may be that I know how much time I put into this painting initially and don’t want to see it squandered without a fight.

We’ll see.  Hopefully, it won’t be relegated to the failure heap.

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