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Auction For Japanese Aid

Painting #1- Full Silence

I have been watching the continuing disaster in Japan and have been  disappointed by the American public’s somewhat tepid response to it.  Perhaps it is because it is a continuing disaster with a possible  nuclear catastrophe overshadowing the horrors that the earthquake and tsunami set loose upon the Japanese people.  Maybe we are viewing this like a car crash where the car is still careening out of control and we are simply waiting for the car to come to rest so that we can determine how we can help.  Or maybe we view the Japanese as a capable people who are prepared to persevere without as mmuch assistance.  I don’t know.

But I do know that we can do more.  In doing my small part,  I am auctioning two paintings off, as I did last year following the Haitian earthquake, with all proceeds to go to relief organizations.  Last year, I was able to donate $5000 dollars to 3 organizations.  Again, that is a small amount in the big picture of this disaster but it is a small step forward nonetheless.

Here are the auction details:

* The auction starts now and runs until Monday, March 21, at 12 noon EST. 

* Bids may made through the comments section or, if you prefer, you may send them to my e-mail at info@gcmyers.com .  Please specify your name and the painting you are bidding on.

* Winning  bidder will receive their chosen painting with a personal dedication on the reverse side  and an autographed copy of my book, In Quiet Places.  I will pay for shipping and insurance.

* I will add $500 to each winning bid’s amount for the donation.  For example, a winning bid of  $1000 actually has the effect of becoming a $1500 donation to the relief effort.

* Donations will be  specifically directed to the Red Cross’  Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami effort.  If you have a different charity of choice, please specify this and I will be glad to talk this over with you.

I have chosen two paintings that I feel pertain in some way to this effort.  The first, Full Silence, shown at the top, has a very Japanese/Zen feel.  It is on paper and the image is approximately 7″ by 16″ and is matted and framed to a size of 14″ by 24″.

Painting #2- Seems Like a New Sun

The second painting to be auctioned is Seems Like a New Sun.  This is a 12″ by 24″ painting on canvas.  I chose this because in the aftermath of painting this I always thought of this city as being Japanese, with a sort of Tokyo-like feel.  Even the title’s reference to the sun reminds me of Japan being called the Land of the Rising Sun.  And it definitely feels like a new sun that rises over Japan after it was hit by this three-headed monster of a disaster.

So, please consider placing a bid on either painting or at least sending something, even a very small amount, to one of the relief organizations that are heading into the disaster.  As I said, it is a small step but it is a step forward and that is what truly matters.

I will be posting updates over the next few days of the auction.

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